Edmund Pewterschmidt

Agency Detective for the Pinkerton National Dectective Agency at the New York Office. "We Never Sleep"


INT 15
CON 12
APP 15
POW 13
SIX 13
SAN 65 (59)
EDU 13
Idea 75
Luck 65
Know 65

Skills of note:
Bargain 25%, Dodge 40%, Fast Talk 31%, Hide 30%, Law 48%, Library Use 60%, Locksmith 36%, Persuade 30%, Psychology 49%, Sneak 38%, Spot Hidden 51%, Track 25%, Handgun 75%, Rifle 50%, SMG 32%.

Contacts: Local law enforcement and clients.

Special: Immunity to sanity losses from corpses, injuries, etc.


Born January 10, 1888, in Boston, Massachusetts, Edmund joined the Pinkerton Detective Agency directly out of high school and soon made a name for himself in the Agency as a good researcher and a deadly shot with the .38 police special that he always carried in a shoulder holster. A “pretty-boy,” he soon grew a mustache in order to make himself look older.

He has been with the Agency for almost 20 years, mostly working in the New York office but going wherever he is assigned. Though he appears to be a gentle and quiet-spoken man, he is almost always ready for action.

Pewterschmidt stands around 5’10" tall and is thin, weighing only about 160 pounds. He has light brown hair and a mustache. He wears glasses for a slight case of near-sightedness as he eyesite has atrophied in the last few years. He is always immaculately dressed in the finest suits that he can afford and keeps himself well-groomed at all times.

He is not a believer in the supernatural in any way, shape, or form.

Edmund Pewterschmidt

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