Original Masks

Jackson is dead!
Butchered by cultists

The investigators fight three crazed cultists in the Elias’ room in the Chelsea Hotel. They kill one capture one and the third escapes.

But after the police arrive the investigators find the following on the evil-doers and around the hotel room:

Yacht Photo
Stumbling Tiger Matchbox
Penhew Foundation Card
Letter From Miriam Atwright
Letter From Faraz Najir
Emerson Imports Card
Cult of Darkness Lecture Handbill
Blood Mark on Jackson

One investigator winds up in the hospital from a knife wound.

The other visit Harvard Library to follow up on the Letter From Miriam Atwright and inquire about the book Dark African Sects. Although, they are unable to find the book the do learn quite a bit during their research there.

The JuJu that You Do

Upon arriving at the JuJu house the investigators interrogated Silas N’Kwane with increasing directness, eventually asking him direct questions about Jackson murder and the bloody symbol found carved in his forehead.

Silas opened a trap door behind the counter and called out for help. Two cultists came up from the trap door but were dispatched by the investigators. Silas fled down the stairs during the fight. The investigators then descended through the trap door hearing sirens approaching, no doubt to investigate the shotgun blasts and shots heard from the shop.

At the bottom of the stairs beneath the trap door the investigators found a corridor leading to a locked door. With a group effort the door was broken down revealing a large, dark subterranean chamber. While examining the chamber a black curtain on the other side of the room parted and two zombies came shambling towards them with Silas behind the zombies laughing and screaming. During the struggle with the zombies, Huey was killed by their attacks. As they bit off chunks of his flesh he collapsed screaming to the floor. Vincent was terribly wounded by they gnawing attacks and collapsed to the floor bleeding.

Sammy managed to kill Silas with shots from his pistol during the fray, but then fled eventually bursting from the trap door back into the JuJu house shop filled with police officers investigating the remains of the cultists they fought before descending.

A Visit to Propero Press

The investigators are joined by another professor specializing in the occult. They also got the full story of what happened in the Juju house from Sammy, though he did fail to mention the walking dead.

Upon visiting Prospero Press Jonah Kensington was reluctant to give it up Jackson’s notes especially the ones from London, but eventually game in. He produced the Nairobi Notes of Jackson Elias as well as Jackson’s illegible message from London.

At least I am alive
Wednesday, February 21 1923

From Sammy Pickens personal journal,

I can’t say the same for my friends, Vince and Huey. Did I really see the walking dead stumble across that dark room and EAT Huey? Also, I saw the blast hole from Huey’s shotgun blast, but it did nothing…the things just kept coming, ripping off giant chucks of flesh with their hands and mouth. All the while Silas laughed in the corner. I had to stop that laugher, so I shot him..in cold blood. But it wasn’t my fault, he did send these beasts after us. And then Vinny went down, then they came after me. I had to escape…the things tore after me ripping chucks of my flesh out too…it was all I could do to run up the stairs. The last thing I remember was running up the stairs and hearing the screaming of police officers.

Then I awoke, in St. Mary’s our Sister of Mercy Hospital, to the sound of bickering men and the nursing staff. Slammed with the questions(no remorse the police…no wonder why everyone hates them), but all I wanted to know was what happened to my friends, Vinny…he had to be alive. But they said they only found two bodies, where did the others go? Time to Jimm—er James as he liked to be called, I needed some legal help. Of course no one is going to believe me about what I saw, hell I don’t believe it myself. I have to tell Lt. Pool….but how without sounding screwy.

One thing that I have while recovering from is plenty of time. And visitors; a PI and two professors, maybe they can help me were the police can’t. Those academic types are always curious…maybe I can use that to my advantage. So I decided to tell them what happened…I guess the dick was off talking to some professor or something. Of course I couldn’t tell them about the walking dead, but I did mention that the ‘cannibals’ did bite my friends. Maybe with their other research they can gather the truth, now is not the time for them to know that. I already told Jimmy and that was a mistake. Vince, man, I hope you are alright.

Taking some time to look at the evidence that has been gathered so far it seems that the next step is to head overseas, maybe to London. But I am sure that we will be in Egypt before too long. Maybe with more time in this hospital bed I can figure this out more. Everyone left to head down to Jonah’s shop. Maybe he will have more information, it seemed that Jackson was closing in on something big with the Carlye expedition.

Snatched Away in the Night
  • The investigators watch the JuJu House from Josephine Stuart’s apartment.
  • Lenny clubs and grabs the last cultist lookout in Ransom Court who has signaled several others to enter.
  • The unconscious prisoner is taken to the docks to a mafia stash house, Sal’s Garbage Service that Lenny knows about from his shady connections to sports betting.
Newest rpg journal

Todd ran his Masks of Nyarlathotep game Tuesday and I’ve finally gotten it finished. It can be found here (Parts 2-1 through 2-3):


Characters are:

Edmund Pewterschmidt – Pinkerton Agency Detective (me)
Elsei Haugstad – archaeologist
Williams Vimes – Lawyer
Professor Frederick Campbell
Lenny Fisher – baseball player (haven’t met him yet)

Spanning an Ocean

To catch up with the action…

The investigators follow up some further leads in NY:

  • They interview Erica Carlyle
  • Sneak into her library during a party at her estate and find and open a safe containing several cthulhu tomes that were owned by her brother
  • Gather some more background on the members of the Carlyle Expedition

The investigators travel to London via steam ship and take up residence in the Savoy Hotel on the Stand.

During the stakeout, Elsie Haugstad decides to break into the Shipley house alone. During her snooping she is shocked to encounter a 6 foot tall reptile man in long robes standing in the kitchen. Elsie screams and fumbles for her gun getting off one shot before the serpent man casts a spell driving her insane and presumably killing her as she screams at her hallucinations. The rest of the investigators are unaware of what happened to Elsie and are only able to hear a faint chopping sound emanating from the basement of the Shipley house once they return.


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