Original Masks

Jackson is dead!
Butchered by cultists

The investigators fight three crazed cultists in the Elias’ room in the Chelsea Hotel. They kill one capture one and the third escapes.

But after the police arrive the investigators find the following on the evil-doers and around the hotel room:

Yacht Photo
Stumbling Tiger Matchbox
Penhew Foundation Card
Letter From Miriam Atwright
Letter From Faraz Najir
Emerson Imports Card
Cult of Darkness Lecture Handbill
Blood Mark on Jackson

One investigator winds up in the hospital from a knife wound.

The other visit Harvard Library to follow up on the Letter From Miriam Atwright and inquire about the book Dark African Sects. Although, they are unable to find the book the do learn quite a bit during their research there.


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