Samuel F. Pickens

Respected reporter with a penchant for the occult. Quick of wit he always is ready with an anecdote of the current situation. While publicly he is a septic he often hoards supernatural information.


Born and raised in Brooklyn Samuel (or Sammy to his friends) knows no other place the New York. Sammy’s family is lower middle class, with his father working iron and his mother staying at home to take care of him and his three sisters. Being the youngest he often overheard gossip from his mother and her church friends. When he was 13 he used this information to publish a newsletter that he distributed after church. It wasn’t for years until the adults found out who had done it. But by that time the damage was done and Sammy knew what he was destined for.

As his thirst for the sensational grew he soon found a wealth of information in the occult. Often going to the seedier parts of town to talk to gypsies and other soothsayers. This information fascinated Sammy and recorded everything he heard. But when he tried to publish this information his father always burned the copies telling him to “stay away from that trash”. From then on he knew that had to keep this love a secret.

Samuel first met Jackson Elias after he read Masters of the Black Arts and he was doing a book signing for The Smoking Heart. Samuel brought all of his work for Jackson to review but Mr. Jackson didn’t have time to look through the notes. He did put Samuel in touch with his good friend Jonah Kensington who helped Samuel get a job as a journalist for the New York World. This was just the paper for Sammy..sensational enough for him to use exciting language and paid him well enough. Plus the connections that he gained greatly helped him with his occult interests. One day he would publish all of his notes and would prove Mr. Elias that there are two sides to the truth coin.

Samuel F. Pickens

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