Edward Gavigan

Posh Engish gentleman, Director of the Penhew Foundation


Gavigan revealed when interviewed that Carlyle had obtained information from a mysterious African woman about a shadowy time in Egyptian history about which Sir Aubrey had long been interested. During this time a sorcerer was reputed to have rules the Nile valley, and the African woman disappeared with the expedition’s ready funds in the amount of some 3,500 pounds sterling.

He related that it was Hypatia Masters who was concerned that the heat and the disappointment would seriously affect the health of Carlyle and herself. She suggested that the party spend some months in the relatively cool Kenyan uplands, which would also afford the opportunity to use some of the new lenses that she acquired for the photography of African wildlife.

When questioned about correspondence that Sir Aubrey might of sent to the foundation he insisted he could reveal no details of those letters as they were owned by the foundation.

He did seem very intrigued by the Carved African Septer, but could not relate any significant details. He did offer to keep the scepter for a time and research it.

Edward Gavigan

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