Original Masks

The JuJu that You Do

Upon arriving at the JuJu house the investigators interrogated Silas N’Kwane with increasing directness, eventually asking him direct questions about Jackson murder and the bloody symbol found carved in his forehead.

Silas opened a trap door behind the counter and called out for help. Two cultists came up from the trap door but were dispatched by the investigators. Silas fled down the stairs during the fight. The investigators then descended through the trap door hearing sirens approaching, no doubt to investigate the shotgun blasts and shots heard from the shop.

At the bottom of the stairs beneath the trap door the investigators found a corridor leading to a locked door. With a group effort the door was broken down revealing a large, dark subterranean chamber. While examining the chamber a black curtain on the other side of the room parted and two zombies came shambling towards them with Silas behind the zombies laughing and screaming. During the struggle with the zombies, Huey was killed by their attacks. As they bit off chunks of his flesh he collapsed screaming to the floor. Vincent was terribly wounded by they gnawing attacks and collapsed to the floor bleeding.

Sammy managed to kill Silas with shots from his pistol during the fray, but then fled eventually bursting from the trap door back into the JuJu house shop filled with police officers investigating the remains of the cultists they fought before descending.


TPiddy TPiddy

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