Original Masks

Spanning an Ocean

To catch up with the action…

The investigators follow up some further leads in NY:

  • They interview Erica Carlyle
  • Sneak into her library during a party at her estate and find and open a safe containing several cthulhu tomes that were owned by her brother
  • Gather some more background on the members of the Carlyle Expedition

The investigators travel to London via steam ship and take up residence in the Savoy Hotel on the Stand.

During the stakeout, Elsie Haugstad decides to break into the Shipley house alone. During her snooping she is shocked to encounter a 6 foot tall reptile man in long robes standing in the kitchen. Elsie screams and fumbles for her gun getting off one shot before the serpent man casts a spell driving her insane and presumably killing her as she screams at her hallucinations. The rest of the investigators are unaware of what happened to Elsie and are only able to hear a faint chopping sound emanating from the basement of the Shipley house once they return.


TPiddy TPiddy

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