Original Masks

Dark Times in London Town

Edmund Pewterschmidt received a telegram from Dr. Ezekiel concerning the NY State Medical Health Board records on Dr. Robert Huston’s files. The doctor is mailing selections copied from the records across the Atlantic. In the meantime he does share that the name “M’Weru” is mentioned.

Edmund visits Inspector Barrington of Scotland Yard. He learns some details of the string of murders that the Scoop had run an article on.

  • The victims were beaten to death by clubs that left marks in the shape of an ankh on the bodies.
  • Jackson Elias told him the murders were ritual killings of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh.
  • Edward Gavigan told the police the cult had no modern day equivalent and that the killings bore no resemblance to the rituals of that cult. He dismissed Elias as a sensation-seeking profiteer.
  • Before dying one of the victims cried out “Hotep” which means “rest” or “peace” according to Edward Gavigan.
  • Many of the victims were customers of The Blue Pyramid Club, a favorite Egyptian nightspot in Soho. The police staked out the club, but learned nothing.
  • A spice dealer Tewfik al-Sayed, a for guide of the Penhew Foundation, was interviewed. He also refuted the claim that the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh could be responsible for the killings.

Edmund visited Tewfik’s spice store and cased it. It appears that the Egyptian sometimes frequents The Blue Pyramid Club, and he lives in an apartment above his spice shop. Pewterschmidt also visited the club himself once meeting Abdul Nawisha, the club’s owner.

A return to the Savoy Hotel reveals that all of the investigators rooms have been ransacked. Nothing seems to have actually been taken however. All of the artifacts that the investigators brought with them had been placed in the hotel safe. The police are called in to investigate, but aren’t able to turn up any leads. The hotel staff is very apologetic, but nothing can be done it would seen.

Edmund catches back up with the other investigators and learns that Elisie is missing. He and Sammy Pickens try to decide what to do regarding her disappearance and the strange goings-on surrounding the Shipley house.


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